Data Structures Crash Course

with Kevin @ KA Education

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Welcome to my FREE data structures crash course! In the videos below, I will give you an overview of the three data structures which appear most commonly in technical, software engineering interviews. These data stuctures are linked lists, queues, and stacks. I can't even begin to emphasize the importance of knowing these well; it could literally be the difference between a rejection or an offer to your dream engineering job!

For this course, I recommend going through the each of the lessons in order, because all the lessons build on one another. By the time you complete this course, you'll have a basic understanding of linked lists, queues, and stacks! Isn't that exciting?!

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I hope you enjoy the course, see you inside! 😀


Lesson 1 — Introduction

Lesson 2 — Linked List

Lesson 3 — Queue

Lesson 4 — Stack

Lesson 5 — Conclusion

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